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Vuoggatjålme is right on the Arctic Circle in Lapland, Sweden

38 km from the Norwegian border.

Situated next to lake Vuoggatjålmejaure, at the foot of Tjidtjak mountain (1586 m above sea level) and right on the Arctic circle, the surroundings provide a marvellous view.

Elks, reindeers, lynx and wolverines are our nearest neighbours. Marked paths with great sights as well as cold and refreshing water in brooks and lakes goes without saying for us and our guests.

Lodging is in high quality, well equipped cottages with a extraordinary view. In the comfort of our own helicopter you will reach many untouched and memorable places with ease. If you are looking for something just a little bit special, we'll do our best to provide it for you.

Vuoggatjålme is also a year-round-living for one family and that creates a special environment that our guests seem to enjoy very much. Your hosts are the 3rd and 4th generations on this place and we like to share our knowledge about the area and it’s possibilities with you as a visitor.

First time in Lapland?

Welcome to Vuoggatjålme

We hope that you will spend some nice time here. Below you find information and suggestions for things to do while you’re here. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you don’t know where to go, perhaps we can help you? Our unique knowledge about the area around here makes it possible to find the best alternative for you. Just give us a few hints;

Interests: fishing, hunting, walking or other.
When: for example fishing is different if you come July 1st or August 20th.
How to live: tent, simple cabin, well equipped cottage or others.
Earlier experiences and special requirements.

        Try our "Vuoggatjålme with a "take off"

Stay in one of Vuoggatjålme´s cabins with a marvellous view over the magnificent surroundings. There is plenty of possibilities for enriching experiences whether you are interested of fishing, photographing or hiking. A "take off" means that during your stay you get a helicopter sightseeing flight of the nearest surroundings, or fly to a nice place, try some arctic char-fishing and then walk back to the cottage. The price includes: the stay in a cabin, linen, helicopter flight, and a rowing boat for two days.

Fishing in the Vuoggatjålme area

You find plenty of lakes, rivers and brooks around Vuoggatjålme. If you want to try them all it will take almost a lifetime. Some has salmon trout, some arctic char and in others you’ll find them both. Below you find a few examples to start with – the rest is for you to discover.
First you need an angler's licence for this area, available in almost every camp or store. Choose between one, three or seven days or even the whole year if you want to. Together with the licence goes a map which shows where you are allowed to go fishing.  
In the Vuoggatjålme area you'll find "only" alpine char and salmon trout, but these delicious fishes can be a real challenge for anglers, and even though there is plenty of fish in most of the lakes and rivers nearby, it can be a trying job to find them.

If you’re interested in fly-fishing, this area includes some waters reserved only for this.

Our own helicopter makes it possible to go further into the mountains. We fly where you wish, rent cottages at some places and you can also hire boats in many interesting lakes. More about fishing.

Hunting in the Vuoggatjålme area

Vuoggatjålme is a very good place to start from, either you like to have a comfortable stay in a nice cabin, fly out with helicopter in the morning and being picked up again in the afternoon or if you bring your own tent for a couple of days out in the mountains. Here you can try hunting for ptarmigan, capercaillie and other small game. The end of August – mid of September is a popular time to go out and look for these birds. Ptarmigan is the white queen of the mountains, the capercaillie is powerful and is also known as the top bird game. Both are often seen in the surroundings, sometimes even around the houses (but not allowed to shoot of course!)

Helicopter from Vuoggatjålme

Vuoggatjålme is the nearest place if you want to fly to the source lakes of many rivers, like Piteälven with Mavas-Pieskehaure, Skellefteälven with Ikesjaure,  Laisälven with Verdijaure and Vindelälven with Tjakkikjaureh. If you like to be out in the mountains you have all possibilities here to find your favorite place either it’s fishing, hunting or other nature experiences you are looking for.

Since 1974 Vuoggatjålme has been the central of commercial air traffic service in the area. First with seaplane, but soon the helicopter came and made life much easier outside the roads.   Now since 2012 we also fly from Kvikkjokk into the Laponia wilderness; you can reach Sarek, Padjelanta and many other remote areas in the Swedish mountain area with our help.

Helicopter from Kvikkjokk

Since 2012 we also fly from Kvikkjokk. We run the daily flight between Kvikkjokk-Tarraluoppal-Staloluokta from June 25 - Sept 2 and can also fly to other places outside the national parks. This area; Laponia, is a World heritage and it includes mountain areas as Sarek, big lakes like Virihaure and Vastenjaure and also well equipped cottages to walk between on good paths.

Cottages in Vuoggatjålme

We have some new luxury cottages with sauna, fireplace and 3 bedrooms. They are well equipped for 8-10 persons and with plenty of space in two floors (one cottage have one floor). Our old cottages have two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and shower/toilet. The size is about 40 m2 and they are beautifully located with an amazing view over the lake and mountains. We also have a few small cottages if you just want a roof, a bed and somewhere to cook your meals. See all the cottages here.

In main buildings you find sauna, kitchen, toilets, TV, washing machine and dryers. Visiting the reception also means you can buy fishinglicenses, rent a boat or snowmobile and book a helicopter flight. We can also give you advise and suggestions for excursions. You have the cabin until 11.00 on the departure day. The cabin shall then be cleaned according to the list in the cottage, and be in the same condition as on arrival. If you use sleeping bags you must also use linen in the bed. If you don’t bring your own you can hire from us.

A store for food and car repair where you also can buy petrol is located in Camp Polcirkeln 4 km away.

Restaurant in Vuoggatjålme

During Feb-Aug our new Restaurant is open almost daily, call or send an email for menu and opening hours. We can serve on other times but only upon request in good time before.

Natures own rules

The area here is special and we want it to last like this, so we can share it with you for years to come. That means that we sometimes have to change our plans because of weather, short-time restricted areas where reindeers can find peace and quiet when giving birth to their calves and other natural happenings.    

Hiking and excursions (not overnight)

(for simple map, click here)

There are several paths in the neighbourhood. You can walk through the birch forest and reach bare mountain or start above the trees where the mileswide views are all around you. You can bring your tent for a 100 km walk in a week or just take a 500 metres walk to a peaceful restingplace near a wild little brook. You can bring your fishing rod or look for historical sites; the mountain area might look untouched by human feet, but if you look carefully you will find tracks more than 1000 years old. More about walking.


Vuoggatjålme – brief history

During 1870 the Swedish government built some cottages along the road to Norway. The cottages where built with 20 km distance apart – one of these cottages was placed in Vuoggatjålme. The meaning was for travellers to have an opportunity to seek shelter for themselves and their animals. The reason for these trips was that supplies in Norway was easier to get then in Sweden, much due to warmer climate in Norway that made it possible to go by boat in the open water instead of for example the early freezing of Bottenviken sea.

The people in Vuoggatjålme and the other mountain cottages were obligated to take care of travellers against a fee set by the government. They where also obligated to take care of the roads both during summer and winter. The obligation for the people in Vuoggatjålme and other mountain cottages where held until 1974 when the Silver Road was build and ready.

Vuoggatjålme remained road less and without electrical power until the late 1960's. During that period the road ended at Sädvaluspen 30 Swedish kilometres away. The transports where solved with snow vessel during the winter and boat during the summer. The final years without roads where solved with Snowmobile.

The idea of a road had been planned for more than hundred years but was realised during the 1960's. The Swedish and Norwegian kings where both present at the opening in 1975 and took place at the border. The same year the road to Vuoggatjålme was built.

Today Vuoggatjålme is a modern station with cottages of high standard and some older ones with simpler design. It is also home to a family living here during the whole year. Therefore when expanding we have always the idea of a calm living environment as an important factor. Hopefully this will not just benefit the ones living in Vuoggatjålme during the whole year, but also provide a calm and beautiful place for those visiting us.  

For further information, contact us;


Frans, Monica och Björn Helamb
 Vuoggatjålme 952


Tel: +46 961 107 15